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Coaching Staff

Spurs Summer Basketball Camps are run by professional and experienced coaches, providing basketball training to young athletes by teaching them every aspect of the game while helping them build character to succeed both on and off the court. 

Coach Nevil Shed, Camp Director

Nevil Shed was born and raised in Bronx, New York, and graduated from the picturesque Morris High School where other distinguished alumni like Colin Powell also attended.

At 6 foot 8, Nevil “The Shadow” was the tallest of the ’65-66 Miners.  A native new Yorker who was used to an East Coast run-and-gun style of play, he had to make some major adjustments under Don Haskins’ methodical dribbling and passing system.  Nevil and the Texas Western Miners, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament term “March Madness” took on new meaning in 1966. For the first time in NCAA history, the champions of this coveted game had a starting line- up consisting of all African- Americans.

After completing his college degree, Nevil would go on to be drafted to the NBA, coach for the legendary Don Haskins, become inductee of the Naismith Hall of Fame, marry and father seven children became the topic of several documentaries, books, recipient of numerous awards, and portrayed in the Disney film “Glory Road”.

He now lives in San Antonio and continues to impact our youth at the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Antonio and with the San Antonio Spurs for 32 years as Spurs Sports Academy Basketball Camp Director.

Coach Charlie Anthony

Coach Charlie Anthony has over 22 years of experience as an Educator, Coach, Athletic Coordinator and Facilitator for Harlandale ISD in San Antonio Texas.  During the school year, Coach Anthony is very involved in the community as a volunteer Coach after school and on the weekends for several local youth leagues.  The sports leagues include but are not limited to basketball, baseball, soccer and track. 

During his Summer Breaks from his full-time job, Coach Anthony has worked as a Spurs Sports Academy Coach for 16 years.

"The best part of coaching is the influence, the impact and the relationships you build as a coach.  A good coach works hard, is dedicated and patient when working with kids.  Coaching is a rewarding experience when you see kids having fun, improving their skills and working hard to improve themselves.  In other words, the best part of coaching is when you see that kid you coach and see him confident in himself and is eager to work hard for you and show you what he/she has learned. You made a positive impact on that kid! Finally, a rewarding part of coaching is when that kid comes back to shake your hand to tell you,  "thank you for making an impact on my life." ~Coach Anthony

Charlie Anthony, Josh Brannon, Nevil Shed, Dmarcus Brannon, Kayone Carter

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