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Dance Competition Guidelines

Team Competition

Each team may enter up to two (2) team routine(s) from the following categories: Jazz, Hip Hop/Funk, Lyrical, Pom, Modern, Contemporary, High Kick, Military, Novelty, Prop, Open, and Co-ed. Team routines must have a minimum of four (4) performers.

Tennis shoes/soft-soled shoes are required for the court. NO HARD-SOLED BOOTS! NO black soles unless they are dance sneakers. Call or e-mail for clarification. If your team is using props, they must be properly padded or they will not be allowed on the floor. *Set-up time must be minimal. Please contact Amanda Barnes at for arrangements concerning props

Open Category

Any dance entry not adhering to the above team “regular” categories. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: Ballet, folkloric, combination routines.

Officer Competition

Officer groups must have a minimum of two (2) performers. A maximum of one (1) Officer Routine may be entered per school/studio. Categories include: Jazz, Hip Hop/Funk, Lyrical, Pom, Modern, Contemporary, High Kick, Military, Novelty, Prop, Open, and Co-ed.

Competition Divisions*

  • High School Dance Team / High School Parochial / Senior Community
  • High School Drill Team / Junior Varsity
  • High School Pep Squad
  • Middle School / Middle School Community
  • Elementary 4-6 / Elementary Community 4-6
  • Elementary K-3 / Elementary Community K-3

*Depending on the number of entrees per division, some divisions may be combined.

**Community/All-Star teams are those that do not have a direct school affiliation (i.e. dance studios, etc.).

Routine Time Limit

Time limitation for Team and Officer Routines will be a minimum of 1 minute 30 seconds (1:30) and a maximum of 2 1/2 (2.5) minutes.  This time does not include entrance, routine and exit.  


Music must be on compact disc, Mp3 or I-pod only, and music device is to be labeled with school’s name and routine category. Place each song on a separate CD if using one (with a back-up on I-pod or Mp3 player). A director or team representative must be at the sound table during the performance to operate Mp3/I-pod players, and with back-up music on hand to avoid potential delays. It is best to record music to performance tempo no matter the device. Be aware that the audio sessions burned/recorded on a personal computer (using a program that is selected to playback only on a personal computer) could cause a professional CD player to have difficulty in reading the disc and will display an error message. Please have a backup available.

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will consist of three (3) certified dance professionals. Our judges will score performances based on the following criteria: appearance, choreography, precision, showmanship, technique, creativity and entertainment. A rating of I, II, or III will be given by each judge. Each school will receive score sheets at the conclusion of the contest.


Trophies will be awarded as follows in each division:

  • First Place * Second Place * will perform on the Spurs court during halftime at the Spurs game following the competition
  • Third Place * Fourth Place * will perform on the Spurs court during pre-game at the Spurs game following the competition
  • Special performance awards will be presented to deserving teams.
  • The awards presentation will be held immediately following the competition.