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Our continued priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our campers, coaches, staff, and our community. The Spurs Sports Academy Basketball Camps Covid-19 Safety Playbook below gives everyone the ability to lessen as much risk as possible for our community.  We will monitor the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), state, and local health officials' guidance and communications, and these protocols will continue to be evaluated. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

Please take the time to review the Spurs Sports Academy Basketball Camps Covid-19 Safety Playbook.

We hope that this information will provide you a clear picture of what to expect as we prepare to return to the court.


  • Will host daily health questionnaire screening and temperature checks for all campers by Spurs Sports Academy staff or AT&T Center Security as they enter the facility.
  • All registered participants must complete this health questionnaire before arrival and entering the camp facility
  • Please note these protocols may vary based on local government ordinances, CDC recommendations, and facility regulations. 


  • Spurs Sports Academy staff and campers will be encouraged to wear a face mask or appropriate face covering over their nose and mouth whenever they are not eating or drinking, aligning with the CDC's guidelines.
  • Coverings can be provided upon request.


  • Parents will escort, and pick up campers at the designated Spurs Sports Academy check-in/out area but will not enter the facility. All Spurs Sports Academy programs will be without spectators until further notice. Please note these protocols may vary based on local government ordinances, CDC recommendations, and facility regulations. 
  • Campers will be provided with a sanitized basketball upon entry on the court. Basketballs will be sanitized between each session and at the end of each day. 
  • Camper to Coach ratio of 8:1 to ensure that each camper always receives individualized feedback and training at a safe distance.
  • Campers will have hand washing and sanitizing breaks throughout the day with the designated coach.
  • Camp curriculum is designed to be compatible with social distancing guidelines allowing each camper to participate while maintaining a safe distance.
  • Designated spaces on the floor at each station will be marked with blue tape. 
  • Campers will be asked to sit in designated sections during breaks. Designated sections will be sanitized between sessions. Campers will maintain social distance while seated. 


  • Professional cleaning of the facility and maintain a safe environment while the camp is in session.  
  • All camp equipment (basketballs, cones, etc.) and other high contact surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized before, in-between, and after each session by Spurs Sports Academy staff and/or housekeeping.
  • Signs posted to promote protective measures (social distancing, proper hygiene, face coverings/masks, symptom awareness, etc.)
  • No Elevator Use – All campers will take the stairway to court.  For our guests with disabilities, elevators are available with limited capacity to maintain physical distancing, and face coverings/masks will be required.  Please notify a Spurs Sports Academy staff member for assistance.

COVID-19 symptom RESPONSE & Contact Tracing

  • Any Spurs Sports Academy staff member and camper who has flu-like symptoms or comes in contact with someone with have flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay home and be tested for the virus.
  • If a camper has flu-like symptoms but tests negative for COVID-19, you must stay home for the remainder of the camp.
  • If a camper begins to have flu-like symptoms while at the comp, they will be isolated from other campers and staff.   
  • Parents, guardians, and/or authorized emergency contact(s) will be notified immediately and complete the following sign-out procedures.  
    1. Please Note: Parents/Guardians and Authorized Emergency Contacts are not permitted to enter the building.
    2. When you arrive at the facility, please call or text Spurs Sports Academy at 210-444-5021.
    3. A Spurs Sports Academy staff member will escort your child to you outside of the building. 
    4. All parties must ALWAYS follow our protocols by wearing a mask over your nose and mouth and social distance from others.
  • In the instance of a positive COVID-19 case by a camper, coach, or staff member at any point during camp, the remainder of camp will be shut down immediately.

    • Spurs Sports Academy Staff will notify all participants, parents, and staff of any exposure as soon as possible.

    • Spurs Sports Academy collects the names, email addresses, and phone numbers for all campers, building staff, camp coaches, and any additional personnel at the facility to ensure we have sufficient information for contacting tracing.

If you have any questions, please call or text us directly at 210-444-5021 or email at